the apartment that fell to earth

The Apartment

Holy Shit. This must have been one of the most perfect movies I've seen in years. It's so fucking good. It immediately became one of my all time favourite movies! I'll have to watch it again very soon, just to take it all in again.
On the surface it's just another comedy by Billy Wilder, but it's so much more! For a movie made in 1960, it has such great and non-stereotype characters!

Omg! Jack Lemmon is such an amazing actor, he has so much charisma in this movie. You just have to love him. He's just so lovely and nice and just want's the best for everyone, but he's also too shy to just take what he wants or tell people to just leave him alone.

The reveal with the broken mirror! Oh my god! I didn't see it coming at all! This came out of nowhere and it was such great and effective storytelling!

I've never been as scared for anyone as I've been for her, when he finally finds her lying in bed. They absolutely had me. I thought she was dead. But it's a comedy and a hilarious german doctor lives next door! (Side-note: Please stop hitting her in the face Dr. Dreyfuss. Jesus! This scene really hasn't aged well at all. I actually can't believe it was normal at the time to slap people who were barely conscious.)
As someone who has had friends that were … at the very least well aquatinted with the concept of self harm and suicide, I completely get the sudden mania that Bud befalls, of hiding razor blades, closing windows. It all worked for me.
And the way everybody thought he was a horrible human being, and not a Mensch, and he just accepted his role, the way he was fine with it was amazing. He knew he was doing the right thing. He never tried to explain himself. And only to protect the lifes of bad people who'd throw him under the bus without thinking twice about it. And all while having a smile on his face.

The running gag where someone says three but always holds up fur fingers. And the ending that is somehow happy, but not too happy. They don't kiss, they don't confess their love to each other. They're just, finally, together, maybe even just for a day.

Anyways. I fucking love this movie! This one instantly became one of my all time favourites. Apparently rewatchability is my main factor when it comes to rating movies? So. This one will stay on my c-drive for the next years. Close to me. Like a good friend, ready to be there whenever I need it.

The Man Who Fell to Earth

I watched this one with my flatmates and I wish I didn’t. It was too slow, it was too weird, it was too ambiguous. The low budget effects, set design and costumes definitely didn’t age well. As with most of these old-school Syfy movies, they just look kinda hilarious now. There is a reason after all that 2001 a space odyssey continuous to be one of the absolute greatest of its kind.
I think one should probably read the book the film is based on first. I’m sure it would help to appreciate the entire story so much more. I guess David Bowie was in a weird way the best part of the cast, yet odd. I haven’t exactly see a long of movies with hin anyways, but his bulge in Labyrinth will forever stay with me. And you know what? I’m fine with that! And after this movie I’m seriously considering dyeing my hair fiery red or just shave it clean off. Especially since corona quarantine is still in full effect.
But, yeah. I don’t need a rewatch on this one. Sorry:(

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