190510 #100Days

You know what the great thing about a blog is?

Nobody is ever going to read this. And I can just ramble away, don't have to worry about anybody judging me.

THIS = this blog = schnitt.me

THIS is now available at schnitt.me because I work as a picture editor based in Germany and it's the only domain I owned forever, but never ended up using for anything.
THIS will have no specific topic, nothing fancy or not so fancy.
Tbh, THIS entire blogging thing is probably just going to last for a few days anyway, it's for sure not going to a regular thing.
THIS has no specific goal.
THIS might switch from german to english und zurück ins Englische. It's really the only stylistic device I can pull of no problem;)
THIS is not going to be spellchecked.
All I know is: THIS is going to be some sort of diary type blog, where I might try to be more honest and personal than I might even be with my best friends.

So, yeah. This better stay fucking anonymus.
Then again, I'm a privileged white european cis male. So whatever happens, I'll probably be fine.

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