190511 #100Days

Day 02. In the Ghost Blog.
OH GOD! Standart Notes just crashed!
And we're back.

So. I was very convinced until like a second ago, that today's Mothers Day. Almost told my mother I appreciated her existence one day too soon! Just imagine!
Instead I made myself some cereal and the last bits of Qing Xin Oolong Black Tea. Bye bye Qing Xin it's been good tasing your fruity but complex tones.
You know what? I could just write my mothers day text now. Then I only need to send it tomorrow!

// Hey Mama. Alles Gute zum Muttertag! Ich hab dich lieb.

Huh. Maybe a bit short and dull? Well. Now I feel like a bad child. Let's add something to look forward to, maybe?

// Hey Mama. Alles Gute zum Muttertag! Ich hab dich lieb. Ich bin spätestens ab dem 10. Juni wieder in München, dann können wir was zusammen unternehmen.

Better. But somehow not concrete enough. Maybe add a real idea of what to do? Also don't just send a text but spark a small conversation? The "Hey" sounds kinda silly too.

// Hallo Mama. Alles Gute zum Muttertag! Ich hab dich lieb. Wie gehts dir? Ich bin ab dem 10. Juni wieder in München, dann können wir was zusammen unternehmen. Auf dem neuen Riesenrad fahren würde ich auch gerne sobald ich wieder da bin. Du kannst ja mal berichten ob sich das lohnt, falls ihr schon vorher damit fährt.

Yeah. I mean. Not perfect. Not at all perfect. But something to continue working on tomorrow morning. Am I a robot trying to be human?

Next up: I have to write three things.

  1. ask on FB for a Illustrator (we (my filmteam (me and two other german dudes)) need to find an illustrator who's willing to create some textures for various 3D Objects that will be integrated into the movie we're currently working on)
  2. ask for a Illustrator via email (same as above)
  3. write a rejection email to a composer who's been trying to reach me for a few days now and I never picked up the phone (I hate phone calls with people I don't know.)

So lets do that.

Two hours later and I have actually done all of those things.

Next up: 30 min of me failing at french using Duolingo. Check.

I also decided to write that girl again. You know, the one I've been on two dates with? And I'm pretty sure she likes me, and I like her, and I keep inviting her on another date, and she never has time? Yeah, I haven't told you about that one yet. You might hear from her again at some point in the future. At least I hope so. Because by god, my dates are not going well. But thats a topic for another day.

Started listening to ARCHIVE again. Haven't heard of then since I discovered them in - i think - 2012, when they were featured in the first Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser. Not convinced yet. But I'll keep listeing.

Cooked some Food. Cleaned the kitchen. Watched some Youtube. Did some VFX prep work on the student film I'm currently working on. Now I've spent another three or so hours organizing shots and locations for or upcoming reshoot. I'm still not done with that, but tomorrow I think I'll have a much better overview of what still needs to be done to finally finish that beast of a movie.

What film should I watch today evening? Currently trying to watch one movie every day. I am a film student after all. So. Aronofskys The Fountain? Alps by Lanthimos? or Rocky?
Yeees I haven't seen Rocky yet. So that will probably be my choice.

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