190512 #100Days

Day Three on the most boring blog the internet has probably ever seen?


was surprisingly funny. Like I never knew they would portrait him as such a, well, idiot. It's made for a bunch of really funny and unexpected scenes. Also. Sylvester Stallone looked really good in that movie. I've never seen him this young before. I think I get why people still come to those steps in Philadelphia. It's one of the best underdog stories I've ever seen, but I'm still fifty-ish years to young to fully appreciate. I've also never really understood the attraction of boxing or boxing movies. I think Rocky even says this in the movie: "Boxing is for idiots." (no exact quote)

Sent the mothers day text. She responded. Did some backups. Listened to some ASMR. Finally decided to leave my bed quarter past twelve. Lets take a shower, get some food, then figure out what the fuck to do today.

45 minutes of Doulingo. I'm starting to hate this language. But I'm gonna keep going! Maybe I should watch some french movies, just to start to get used to it.

Watched some youtube. Listened to some podcasts. Listened to some music. Texted with friends on whatsapp. Very spontaneously decided to watch "On body and soul" this evening.

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