190513 #100Days

Day Four. The day I started to struggle, but still found the time to write. Yay!

Last nights movie was:


Fuck. That was beautiful.
I felt all sad, feel-good, warm and fuzzy inside. Like I haven't in a very very long time. This is the greatest movie I've watched this year. Go seen this movie! It's Hungarian. Watch it with original nungarian audio and english subtitles. Seriously. Watch it now.! Stop fucking reading this! This movie is amazing!
Recommended by a new friend of mine. Met her online. Kind of a long story that I won't get into today. But for all the difficulties I've had with her and she had with me. I'm honestly so happy I have stayed with her and didn't just give up on our friendship. She has a great taste in films and culture in general. I'm glad I met her.

Today is Monday. In Europe this stands for Game of Thrones Day! Tonight we (my flatmates and a few friends) will watch the second to last episode in out flat. I made self-made chocolate ice cream. We may get some dinner first.

Texting with somebody on bumble (another fucking dating platform) again. She has just started watching GoT. People are weird.

I guess at this point I should officially inform my dear nonexistent readers that I am looking for a girlfriend. No open relationship, no "ONS" as they call it online, just two people loving each other (one should be me).
Ok, maybe also like a friendship+ kinda deal. But that's really unrealistic. I think?

Started another export of our current edit of the student film I'm working on. render time is four hours for 26 min of short film. Mostly because of .exr sequences which take a long as time to read of hard drives, plus a bunch of effects work has already been done. Made some small edit changes too. I don't like them, but this is teamwork after-all. Democracy is when you're never entirely happy, but it's usually still ok.

I'm really worried about tonights episode of GoT. I like to pretend that I'm not that emotionally invested into things, like I'm a cool guy. At least I used to try to be "cool" for a long time. Now I'm starting to see the benefit of showing emotion and the things you get back from people in return.
I feel like once this show ends I might fall into a depressive phase of "oh nooo, GoT is over, what is there left to live for. Why even work in media? Everything good has already been written, shot, edited and consumed!". Spelling that out makes it sound very stupid. But finishing a show you've been with for almost 10 years? - It's going to feel like having to say goodbye to a friend forever. The friend is not about to die, but you are 100% sure, you're never going to see him again.

I also feel like I'm not going to enjoy the ending.
The thing that made GoT famous was …
btw: !!!SPOILERS!!!
The thing that made GoT famous was that they had the balls to kill their main character at the end of their first season. And the thing that GoT has lost over the course of it's next seven seasons are those balls. Those juicy, hairy, big ass balls!
Here I am watching the last season and enjoying it, sure some poltholes, some weird choices, but I trust the Double-Ds (the Showrunners)! But all I find myself hoping for is for a main character to die again. Imagine John any Danny just being killed within the first episode of the last season. Fans would be outraged! And the show would be breathtakingly exciting again! Just imagine!

Still. Looking forward to it. And I wont be alone, but surrounded by friends while watching. That is worth more than anything else anyways.

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