190518 #100Days

Day Nine. Pancake day!


by John Hughes. Same guy who directed Home Alone. Funny eighties movie. I feel like I would have liked it more ten years ago, but it was entertaining.
I finally fully understand all the references they did in the Club of Misfits, Critical Role Special! (https://youtu.be/2MKE78FweGA) That's all I could think of. Also was interrupted by flatmates suddenly deciding to build a pillow fort. It looked miserable. But we felt like Kings under the Kitchen Table!
But I have to say I didn't by the ending at all! Nor did I like it! You know? Where they ended up as two couples kissing in front of their parents and a lonely nerd who did their essay. That's just the eighties, I guess?

Today the weather is fucking fantastic! I woke up, saw the sunlight, opened the curtains and just started the day by sunbathing in my bed for an hour. Flatmate A made a smoothie, flatmate R is still asleep. I felt like spending money, so I ordered a new blanket and cover for my bed. Because, honestly, I've been sleeping in the same two fabrics for the last five years. It's time to get something new. Made myself some pancakes. Life is good.

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