190520 #100Days

Day Eleven. The Day Dan and David will disappoint me.

but first:


by the Coen Brothers. Edited by the glorious Roderick Jaynes! This one I really liked! It's plays around with a ton of spy movie tropes, has a pretty massive A-List cast and has the classic Coen Brothers dark humor that we all love and live for. Ok, you don't have to live for it. But it's not the worst thing to live for either. Constantly pissed of John Malkovich was fucking great in this movie!
So, this was fun, but it's also just another Coen Brothers movie. That's not a bad thing. Almost all Coen Brothers are great. But it's not a movie I need to watch again.

I used to really care about GoT, I used to listen to a ton of podcasts, read the books, watch youtube channels about the show, Interviews with the actors and writers. But somehow this entire season made that stop. In the last two episodes they just neglected so many character arcs, so many choices didn't make sense anymore. Maybe I should get drunk for this episode. I never had a whiskey sour. I'm gonna have a Whiskey sour tonight! And I'm probably going to hate it. Just like the last episode of Thrones.

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