190524 #100Days

Day Fifteen. One bad movie.


Who the fuck decided to watch THAT piece of shit movie last night!?
It was me. My flatmate suggested something else and I wanted to see this failure of a movie. I admit it. I fell for another bombastic syfy cgi extravaganza. It looked quite good, visually. Harrison ford was in it. He was pissed of most of the time. Also a total of three actresses. Literally EVERYBODY else, including what must have been like 200 extras, was male.
I didn't care about any of the characters. I mean, I get it. I wasn't the target audience for this movie. Again - and I feel like I'm saying this a lot lately - if I would have been ten years younger, I would have probably enjoyed this a lot more. At my age it's even harder to take a bunch of hyper-intelligent space kids seriously, that get trained to command the entire human military space fleet to wage war against an alien species. Because that's just not a thing any kid can or should do. I'm getting very sick and tired of stories were the main characters are so intelligent and flawless in basically every way. He literally has one bad dream and wants to see his sister again. That's the entirety of his mental problems.
The film is structured in a way where you basically get told the same story thrice and it basically still ends the same way every time. He gets sent to different bootcamps thrice, he always gets bullied, he always finds a way to turn the situation around and he always come out on top. All relationships he develops with other characters are shallow as fuck and didn't mean anything to me.
There was just one single not completely generic side character in this movie. The small jealous snarky team leader for the weird fly-around-in-zero-g-and-shoot-each-other game. He was a dick, he had no backstory, but at least something about him worked. I got him. Maybe it was just the actor doing a really good job.
Also, what the fuck was that weird game about?! Sure it's supposed to train strategic thinking and teamwork, but none of it was ever exciting to me. I never really understood what was happening. Maybe it was just the fact that the "arena" it took place in was just a glass bowl in space. There is no up and down. How do you tell compelling action when you have absolutely no point of reference?
And the ending of the movie? Spoiler Alert. He kills the entire alien species that we never even learned anything about. Then he feels sorry for it because there needs to be some kind of final conflict of plot twist. So he just randomly thinks of a place were he finds the last of their eggs and the last alien (this is the first and only time we actually see them) just gives it to him. And then he ventures into space to find a new place for them to live. Great! Just fantastic! Good for you! I hope I never fucking see you again Ender.


Those headlines are great. You know what? I should start to use them to separate topics. Possible third date this weekend. Currently pondering if we should go work out together or try to make a small movie in a day. I'm thinking movie, since I sweat a lot …

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