190526 #100Days

Day Seventeen. A third date is approaching.


by the genius that is Paul Thomas Anderson. A bit long. A bit confusing towards the end. But it's PTA! This Movie was really fun! And just like in The Fast & the Furious, it's all about family! Even in the 80s porn business. I really liked Julian Moore (holy shit! I just looked her up - she's 60!), I think she's really hot and still looks fantastic today. I loved Philip Seymour Hoffman's character. The slightly creepy secretly (but everybody knows) gay guy who just works in porn to be close to good looking guys. Philip is such a great actor and he played that role absolutely fantastic!
PTA's camera work is incredible in this movie. Those fluent steady-cam shots constantly reframing and adjusting to whatever happens in the scene. It's a kind of dance between camera and actors. It's beautiful to watch! This was a great movie and I'll happily watch it again if anybody of my friends haven't watched it yet.
Now my PTA mania is back! I still have to watch Magnolia, The Master and Phantom Thread to finish up his filmography! Maybe I'll find the time to watch another this evening.


I'll be going on a third date today. She's really nice, calm, clever and has severe psychological problems. And the more I learn about this, the less I want to spend the rest of my life with someone like that. Because of that the often doesn't feel very good and just isn't interested in doing anything together. So it's been more than tow months since our first date and we are only now going on our third. Sure, I've been out of town for a few weeks too, but still. I invited her a lot and she only wanted to meet again when I mentioned that I'll be out of town again and this time for an entire month.
Tbh. I don't even really know what she's looking for. I'm pretty sure a serious relationship is high on her list, but it might be the only thing I can't give her. I guess I'm eventually going to have to ask her. But for now, let's just enjoy today. Life in the now. Worry about it later and instead find out if we're even really into each other. We'll see. Maybe I'll add to this later and write how it went. Maybe tomorrow.

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