190528 #100Days

Day Nineteen. Radioactive drones!


HBO Mini Series. Written by Craig Mazin. Mostly known and loved by the masses through the Scriptnotes podcast. Chernobyl is a six episode mini series and I have to say. I absolutely love the mini series format. It's basically just one season and thats it! before you start watching you already know where and when it's going to end. So instead you can focus on the path and just enjoy the moment.
This show is just that. It's not funny, the entire topic isn't funny, it's a horrible tragedy. But it's exciting! And because it's very historically accurate, it's also very interesting to watch. It has a ton of characters and not really a main character, most actors are unknown, some I recognize. It's beautifully shot, hat amazing HBO-level CGI and impressively massive sets. So far Craig has been doing an amazing job. I absolutely love this show and will continue to watch!


Currently trying to gain as much experience as I can until Friday in flying the Mavic 2 Pro. We do have a professional Drone Operator + Inspire 2 available, but only for one day. So I'm the backup. Today I learned:

  • MicroSD cards are slow as fuck.
  • Also, the Mavic survives slight drizzle with no problem.
  • Flying a drone is easy. Flying a drone and getting the perfect shot at the same time is pretty hard.
  • Always keep eye-contact with your drone. If you ever loose it in the sky or against trees - try waving it up and down or left to right. Makes it a lot easier to find.

I will continue to train. Like Rocky. Just flying up the steps with a done, while standing in the middle of some empty field.

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