190605 #100Days

Day 27. My hand hurts.


So. This really shouldn't count. I only sat there through half the episode. I have no idea what really happened in the first five. My flatmate tried to fill me in, but she also said that she really only watches the show because it's so bad in almost every aspect. And from the few minutes of show that I watched I am inclined to agree. It's just another one of those shitty monotone Syfy shows produced by Netflix on basically no budget. There was nothing original in this show, at least from what I could tell. Very biased and silly review. Still. Probably not worth it.

In other News

Tenosynovitis in my right hand is back. I think it's mostly because of the combination of carrying a lot of equipment around on our shoot and now spending most of my time sifting through all the footage using mouse and keyboard. And maybe masturbating?
Except for one specific shot all the footage we got is fantastic and totally fits the story and the film. All in all I'm quite happy with the results of the reshoot, but even now, we're still missing like four or five shots and have to ADR a bunch of dialogue from five actors. So we've come closer to the finish line. But it's still like six months away.

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