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Day 28. I could be more motivated.


by Nicolas … ähm. Sorry, let me look this up.
Nicolas Winding Refn! The guy who brought us that one memorable and pretty fantastic movie called DRIVE. And a few other movies such as Only God Forgives or The Neon Demon. Both very much focused on visuals and violence, not so much (in my opinion) on story.
It‘s quite similar with this one. Beautiful visuals and quite a shallow story, sprinkled with a bunch of violence. I guess I liked Mads Mikkelsen even though he didn't say a single word in the entire movie. But without him this film would be nothing.
I don't have to watch this film again. Ever. I guess it's off the list. I wish there would be something more memorable about it, but for me there just isn't.

In other News

Hand still hurts, film has been updated with all the shots from the reshoot. It's hard to get excited about your own movie again, when all you've done for the past eight months it to watch it again and again and again. You loose perspective. You don't know whats funny anymore. And most importantly you start to ask yourself this question: How much work should I continue to put into this to make it slightly better? And when should I just accept that the film is what it is. Kind of a mess that will never be perfect.
Movies never get finished. They just get abandoned. Sometimes I dream of just abandoning this one. But I owe all the cast and the crew, all the people that helped us, all those amazing human beings. I owe them a movie and so I keep going. Thankfully we have a unchangeable deadline in November. I won't be hard to say goodbye.

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