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Day 29. Slowly starting to pack my bags.


by good old Ingmar Bergman. This one was better than The Virgin Spring! A lot better!
I liked the writing. I think the actors did a pretty good job. I liked how the story sort of weaved this net of connections around all the characters, how this fellowship of weirdos came together. How they never really had a real goal, they just became friends and decided to hang out and travel together. It worked. I liked most, if not all the characters! They had their quirks and bad personality traits. They felt real! I liked the overarching theme of being mad about a silent god, that you're supposed to just believe in, even though nobody knows any answers to any questions.
I didn't like the sexism, how passive most of the three female characters were, again - how uncomfortable christian the entire movie felt. And then there is the overly dramatic theater-like acting and staging, that you just have to endure. I guess at the time this was normal. These days it's really not, it feels awkward and almost hilarious at times. It's just so over the top.
But it doesn't matter. This was the best of two Bergman movies I have ever watched. And yeah. Their old. But I'll gladly watch some more. This was certainly more entertaining than that weird Valhalla movie yesterday.

In other news.

Had a funny idea for a very unique hangover style comedy movie. I might try to structure out some plot points. Rock im Park is about to start in Nuremberg, so all of a sudden twice as many people live in our apartment. I'll be working in Munich the rest of June anyways, so it's not a big deal. But I'm not completely sure I like it. My right Hand still hurts, but I think it's getting better as I work less with mouse and keyboard. The thing is. I'll be working with mouse and keyboard for the next three weeks. Fuck.

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