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Day 30. Days only become special if you make them special.

ROUGH NIGHT. Known on german Netflix as: GIRL'S NIGHT OUT.

Soooo. Obviously this wasn't my choice. Why would I ever pick this kind of a movie to watch? I was still working on our student film, when friends who remain unnamed decided to watch his. And to be honest. I was entertaining. Not thought provoking, not surprising, no high production value, no revolutionary characters. I was a solid Hollywood comedy movie. Just like any other.

I liked the Australian character, she was pretty hilarious. The actress, Kate McKinnon, did a pretty fantastic job. She also really reminded us of our flatmate;) The whole plot-line of Scarlett Johansson fiancée driving to her in the middle of the night was the worst part. It felt very forced. Like they desperately needed to get to an ending where both had to lovingly reunite. Same with the whole rushed marriage thing. Just another senseless feel-good ending. I guess that's Hollywood for you.

I'm guessing at least half of the 26 million dollar budget went to Scarlett Johansson, who really doesn't do anything than give the movie her name. That's how it always works. This movie would be nothing without her. Without Johansson this movie would have never been made.
I wouldn't watch this movie again. In a way, I have watched this movie a hundred times already.

Why I write about movies.

Because I'm a film student and I want to make my own feature films at some point in the future. Because I need to watch more movies, learn more about film history and currently try to watch at least one movie a day. So writing about them not only forces me to have something to write about, but also forces me to engage with the thing that I just watched. This doesn't have to be an in-depth analysis of all 90 minutes. But it should involve me having some sort of a opinion, me taking a stand for and against certain aspects of the movie and being able to explain them in a coherent way. This is how I will hopefully strengthen and improve my sense of what I believe to be a good movie and help me develop my own kind of esthetic. I don't just want to watch movies. I want to live movies!

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