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Day 31. Look at me! That's officially a month!


by the fantastic Charlie Brooker. This time it's only three episodes, just like the very first season from, how long has it been? 2011? I'm getting old. So. How was season five? I wouldn't say these episodes were bad. I actually thought they were pretty good! But. Well. They weren't Black Mirror Episodes. They didn't make you loose all hope in humanity. They weren't showing you how technology or the way humans use technology will eventually destroy all of our lives. They were pretty lighthearted. Almost nice to watch.

I used to be frustrated, shocked, almost depressed after certain Black Mirror episodes. They made me think for weeks. They inspired so many ideas for short films and stories. They stuck with you. But now, only one day after I watched them, I almost can't remember what all three were about.

Ok. So. I'm not going to look any of this up and just go from memory.
There was the one with Miley Cyrus, the one with the super realistic fighting game that turned into a digital love affair and there was the Uber hostage situation. The last one was definitely the most interesting. All of them were funny and nice to watch. But they all had nice and not Black Mirror like endings! Miley got saved by her doll, the two dudes can digitally bang once a month and well … he hostage didn't die?

I guess if I had to recommend one episode of this season it would still have to be "Smithereens", just because it basically takes place today, there is no new fancy technology needed and at the end of the day it's just about coming to terms with the errors and mistakes that we've made. Usually the simple stories are the better ones. No fancy CGI, no well known actors or pop stars, just a solid story that probably happens every other day somewhere on this planet.
Still. If you haven't seen any other Black Mirror episodes - please! Watch every other episode first. This is the most boring season. It's not bad. It's still entertaining. It's high budget. It looks good. But. It's just not as thought provoking as it used to be.

In other news.

All of our drone footage was captured at a very hight shutter speed. Like 1/8000. That's because our drones didn't have any ND Filters and aperture only went to f11. Because of this all the motion blur doesn't look natural at all. Or to be exact - there is none.
So today I'm testing several options on adding motion blur in post in combination with speeding up the shot to 150% because it just looks better. Currently I'm rendering a test file with like 10 different combinations of motion blur and optical flow effects and plan on watching this on every single monitor and beamer I can find in this flat. What I really need is a real cinema projector for these tests, but for now this will have to suffice.

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