190615 #100Days

Day 37. Finally weekend.

Yesterday wasn't even that busy of a day. But I think it was socially difficult. I met a lot of people, some at work, some friends and then family. And it was nice! But it was also exhausting. I didn't feel like writing yesterday. I read somewhere that for introverts being social is active work and requires their full attention. That's why their are particularly tired after social interaction and need some alone time to relax. I can see parts of that in my personality.

I started texting with two older women on Tinder. One 51 German and one 38 years old Russian lady. I guess I have this fantasy of having an affair with an older woman. I mean. What young unexperienced and severely underfucked guy doesn't? Anyway. I don't think it's going well. The Russian lady seems. Well. Not that intelligent. And the german one doesn't seem very interested. I have one 41 years old Match on okc. Maybe I should drop her a line?

I've been watching Money Heist. With english audio. It's not great - the audio. But I don't speak any Spanish at all and I don't want to waste my time reading subtitles. So I don't really have a choice. The show is ok. Very good at times, sometimes it's kinda weird, overdone and overly dramatic. It's not going to be my favorite show of all times and I'm almost certainly not going to watch the second season. But I will finish this one. I have nothing else to do tonight.

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