190617 #100Days

Day 39. Went for a hike!

I just learned that you manually have to make guestbook entries public. And I have two very nice entries! Their also more then one month old. Upsi.
It feels weird to know that apparently people read this crap I squeeze into the internet. But I guess that's part of why I'm doing it. Sooo. Hi! Nice for you to be around. Don't take anything that I say too serious. I'm just another idiot on the internet;)

So, RUBBER is now officially on my watchlist. Will try to watch it soon. I think it has been recommended to me countless times already and what I know about it sort of reminds me of this short film by the guys that made Swiss Army Man. It's called "Interesting Ball": https://vimeo.com/110808221

Went hiking with my family today. I made use of the powers of baseball caps and sunscreen and I can proudly say: I don't have any kind of sunburn! See? It only took me a quater of a century and several sunstrokes to learn.
Tomorrow I'll have a very spontaneous date with that woman I wrote with on OKC. She's 37 and 1,5 Meters tall. Or short. I guess. I'll try not to expect anything at all, but I have an odd feeling that this is going to turn into an interesting story.

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