190618 #100Days

Day 40. Monkeys and manuals.

So. These's this thing that I guess only happens when you work as a colorist in TV. You have to wait sometimes. Specifically when you work on a daily-show. This is usually due to the editing taking longer than expected, some technical problem or pending re-shoots.
Today I worked for three hours. Then there was nothing left to do. So I went home. Except I didn't, because I'll still have a date tonight and there's really no need for me to leave the city at this point. So right now I'm sitting in a nice little cafe in central Munich, pretending to work on important things, while in fact I'm just waiting for my MacBook's battery to run out.

I did manage to get hold of a few more logos by sponsors, that will get featured in our credits. One just had a pdf. So I cut it out in photoshop, but eventually lost motivation. I'll finish it later. That logo has already never looked so good, as it will in our credits.

I also prepared all documents for my taxes next year, because as I get older apparently thats the kind of bourgeois guy I am. I did some work for my final bachelor thesis, text and still from our movie. You can really tell I'm a film guy, because I really know my way around photoshop until I get to CMYK picture profiles for printing. It's a completely incomprehensible mess! I just can't find the correct profile.
Ah. You have to install it first. Sometimes, you just have to read the fucking manual.

I'm slowly getting the tiniest bit nervous about this date. I think I still try to have specific expectations. Like. She has to become my girlfriend or lover or something. And I think that's just not helpful. I should just take the person as who she is and if we like each other, we'll figure out who we might become. Still. It's hard to turn off that money brain of mine that just finally wants to find his mating partner for the rest of his life. I hate my monkey brain.
Well. I guess you're going to find out how this went by tomorrow. And if you don't she might have been a serial killer and I'm dead. "But she's only 1,50m short!" you say? - Yeah. That's her trick. That's why everybody is surprised when she sticks a tent-pole through your stomach!

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