190622 #100Days

Day 44. Maybe I shouldn't take drugs.


I don't understand Terry Gilliam. I don't find him funny. I'm constantly confused by his movies. I don't understand his characters. It's just so. Boring.
Sure. There's a lot of stuff happening in his movies. A lot of rather crazy shit to be exact. But if you don't care about the characters and don't know where any of this is supposed to be going.

I've seen a few of Gilliam's movies. I love Monty Python and I think Monty Python and the Holy Grail is absolutely fantastic! I watched Brazil ages ago and I remember mostly being confused, but since then I've hears good things about it. So maybe I'll watch it again. I guess 12 Monkeys was enjoyable. Because there was a premise. A goal. Something to look forward to.
Fear and Loathing is just a random ride through the desert filled with every kind of drug imaginable and few funny jokes. I really liked the almost spider like way Johnny Depp walked around. Probably the best part of the entire movie. That being said. I think watching that movie once is more than enough.

In other news.

It's hard to sit down and still take the time to write about your feelings when you're just tired and want to go to bed. I've recently been reminded by a family member suddenly entering in the process of dying, that - even though I don't like it and it makes me mad sometimes - we are all going to die. I should do more stuff. Live life to the fullest. Idk. I should care less about the future and exist in the now. I want to read more books, watch more movies, get shitfaced, fuck all night, see the world before it gets fucked up completely by climate change, get to know people, have fun, don't worry. Be happy.

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