190625 #100Days

Day 47.


Phff. … I mean.
I kept watching. … So I guess it wasn‘t that … horrible.
But. I have to say. I don‘t think I ever skipped through so much dialogue because I was so bored.

I think it was a mistake to watch this show in english. Pretty sure that took a lot of the nuance and detail away. As it always does when your not watching the original. But I would not have made it through 20 episodes of Spanish people yelling at each other while desperately trying to read along in english subtitles. So. I couldn't possibly list all my grudges with this show. But I have to mention some. Where to start?

The special forces porn. I don‘t know what else to call this. There are just way too many SWAT units running around, driving in their military vehicles equipped with miniguns. All of this accompanied by way too dramatic over the top epic rock music. And I used to love this. I used to be a huge fan of this shit. When I was 12!
I mean. Half of all youtube videos are boys running around with fake guns. Only when you‘re older you start to realize that movies have been lying to you. You start to understand that running around screaming and holding guns in peoples faces is not cool. It‘s traumatizing as fuck. For everybody involved. I doesn't make the filmmakers look good and it doesn't make the police look good either.

The whole justification about how the robbers aren't really evil because they're not stealing anybody's money but print their own sounds like the argument of a five year old. Technically "not stealing" doesn't make it right. Just because somebody else gets something illegally for free, doesn't mean you are allowed to also take that thing, by force if need be. This is not even a Robin Hood kind of story. They are all planning on keeping their money for themselves!

And it feels very unrealistic for the detective to just suddenly accept the professors reasons. It all just happens too fast and it‘s not convincing.
This show is from Spain and there is obviously some real hate and disgust present in the public. Against banks, bankers and the super rich. And I get that and I probably agree with them. But to just use that as a cheap excuse to fit in the story that you want to tell seems too easy.

The epilog was too short. You can‘t build up our interest in all eight heist members (heist members? robbers? bad boys and girls? are we the baddies?) and the just show the epilogue of a single one. Granted. It's the most important. But even Bourne Identity did this scene so much better. Like. Tokio has been our narrator throughout the entire fucking show and we don‘t even get to see what happens to her? We just see her walk of in a crazy ass outfit and that‘s it? What happened to all the hostages? Did they get their million after all? How would that even work? What about Arturo? He was probably the most annoying character of the entire show. Which means he was either really badly written or really good. And tbh. I'm not entirely sure. He made dumb choices, but at least he was consistent with that. What about him? How does his story end?

I guess what I would be almost more interested in is sort of the GRRM approach to the story. I want to see if they are happy now, if they lived happily ever after or if they spent all their money within the first week in the Caribbean. Or just had to do another heist, just for the adrenaline.

Oh god. There's going to be another season. That just sounds like a bad idea. They would have to come up with a completely new heist? That's just. You can't top that. I would never accept that Job as a writer. That's just setting yourself up for failure.
Well. I'm not going to be there to watch it. Sorry. I don't really have a lot of positive stuff to say about this show. I guess between GoT, Westworld and Chernobyl I'm just used to a different level of show. A HBO level.

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