190626 #100Days

Day 48. Heatwave.

It's very hot in Germany these days. 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. I have air conditioning at work but not at home and trouble falling asleep when it's this fucking hot. So I decided to write this text in the basement. The only place where you can cool off. Also. Incredibly. With a wifi signal. It's just a bit smelly, dusty and well, old down here. Old books and football magazines collected over the past 50 years by my grandfather, traditional Bavarian beer mugs again collected by my grandpa. A old computer running windows 95, german tin soldiers, paintings and whatever random stuff my grandmother allowed my family to store down here. But really. This is mostly my grandfathers stuff. My grandma prefers to own less and live in a clean house. I'm inclined to agree with her.
Life changes with these temperatures. Suddenly it becomes really important to always carry water with you. A hat too and sunscreen. You make sure to open and close your windows at the correct time of day to reduce the amount of hot air inside.
Fuck. Why haven't I thought of this sooner? It's genuinely really comfortable down here! I might just stay and watch a movie.

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