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Day 51. Alien in our minds!

Event Horizon

by the guy who did all the Resident Evil movies. Anderson Something. This got recommended to me by a good friend, as a quote "really good but deeply flawed movie". And she was correct. I think this could have been good. But it wasn't.

This movie was basically Alien. But the Alien is in their mind.
A hand full of mostly unqualified people visit in a giant space structure and encounter a seemingly evil alien presence. Running around in narrow futuristic hallways. The inside of the ship looks so much like in Alien. Part sterile and modern, part dark and industrial and the alien part black and with intricate details.

From a story structure point of view, I was confused about our main character turning into the de factor villain. It just feels weird to switch main characters halfway through the movie. I liked Fishburne. I think he should have been our main character from the beginning.

I'm writing this two days after I watched the movie and I've already forgotten all of the other side characters. They just weren't memorable enough. Well. I don't remember how many there were. I remember the guy who tried to kill himself in the airlock and the woman that keeps seeing her son. But none of the seemed like particularly interesting characters. I never cared about them. Just in general this movie is very much tell don't show. It's not particularly subtle about anything. The plot just gets explained again and again. Just to make absolutely sure that we're following along.

Sidenote: In Interstellar Nolan just copied the fold paper and stick a pen through it explanation from this movie! I mean. I guess it's a good explanation. I forgive you, Chris.

Event Horizon is trying to be alien. When what it should have been doing is to try to be something else. Something new. I really like the premise. But I think most of the flaws must have already been in the script. I can't recommend this movie unless you'd want to study the script and try to come up with a better plot. I think that could be interesting. Give Patrick (H) Willems a week to come up with a better version.
But if you're not Patrick. Just rewatch Alien.

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