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Day 58. Look at me! I watched two movies!

Through a Glass Darkly

By Ingmar Bergman.
So. I'm not going to lie. I didn't expect this. But this was.
Good. Like actually really fucking good! Like. Holy shit. This movie was shot in 1961!
It has amazing characters! They felt real! They felt right.! Just four great actors on an island. That's all you need for a good story.
Just the way they lied to each other, pretended to be fine and then slowly started to loosen and be more honest and vulnerable. The way everybody got his moment. The essential questions and the different ways everybody deals with them, but still accepts each other. This one also hit a lot closer than I expected. The topic of being with somebody who has a mental disorder and the topic of living with somebody who is slowly dying from a seemingly untreatable illness. I had tears in my eyes at the end.
So would I watch this movie again? Yes. Yes! I'd love to! This was fantastic!

The Front Page

by Billy Wilder. It's from 1931. That's so old! And it still looks so good. As in quality of the picture.
So. I think I haven't really seen a bad film by Wilder. This one was ok. A bit to sexist. Too many men. The few women in the film were servants, prostitutes or a somewhat silly wife. I liked the absurd plot. The insanely manipulative newspaper boss, who just doesn't want to loose his best journalist to such a ridiculous thing as marriage. The rolltop desk bit was pretty funny.
The movie was enjoyable but I don't think I'll have to watch it again.

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