190705 #100Days

Day 60. How to sell clothes online (Fast)

Yeah no. I'm not actually going to explain that to you. I don't have any answers! It's just a reference to a german Netflix show I haven't watched.
Didn't watch a movie yesterday. I cleaned our entire flat and started photographing clothes and props from our movie that we don't need any more to sell them online. I'll continue to make photos today. It's actually quite a lot of stuff and because I know the tiniest bit about photography, I put way too much effort into those pictures. And I'm not very confident that a lot of people are going to be interested in it. Anyways. We'll find out.

I started to do seven minute workouts again and I'm going to try to keep that up for now. Like once a day. At some point maybe twice a day. At least that's my plan now. Let's see how it works out.

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